Ecomote Beta




    Welcome to the BETA release of Ecomote!

    In the evolution of the Ecomote functionality, this version is a vehicle management app that conveniently lets you:
    * manage multiple vehicles
    * keep track of fuel fill-ups and mileage
    * automatically and manually log private/business trips
    * log different types of expenses (fuel, services and others)
    * view and analyze all your stored data

    The Ecomote journey has just started and we're aiming at being your number one company on the road.
    We'd like to turn your smartphone into the driving companion you never want to leave home without.
    Our Ecomote roadmap holds functionality for sustainable driving that will help you save money while being friendly to the environment, by combining our state-of-the-art algorithms with the sensors in your smartphone. We're also planning to add loads of fun, like road-based games, social driving, achievements, badges, secret areas and much more. Stay tuned!

    Ecomote, the drive safe company, is a high-tech startup based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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