FleetTrack by Prosodic



Prosodic FleetTrack is a robust location tracking tool designed specifically for Android-powered mobile devices.

Whether tracking a wayward teenager or a fleet of vehicles, FleetTrack is a comprehensive way to follow your contacts by leveraging the power of Google Maps and Android.

FleetTrack is NOT a tool for subversively following another person's activities; it is a cooperative device for tracking (or being tracked by) contacts' devices, whether for entertainment or vocation.

- Track up to 255 contacts (unreasonably high)
- Follow other FleetTrack users from your contact list
- Follow tracked contacts with Google Maps
- Turn on 'TrackMe' to be followed by other FleetTrack users
- Track multiple contacts; be followed by multiple users
- Acquire location using GPS or network provider
- Set location acquisition frequency for greater accuracy or power savings
- Password protected tracking

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