Flight Time Logger (Light)



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Record your flight time by pressing a button.

When you are pilot and sometimes flying alone, you know the annoying task of writing down the take-off and go-around times. For helicopter pilots the situation is even worse.

With this app you can record the times by pressing a button on your Android(TM) phone. In the full version take off and landing times can even be recorded automatically by using the GPS to sense the speed. And it is so easy, just press the proper button and the time is recorded and displayed right on the button. You do not need to fly alone to use tis app...

Key features:

-- 4 different buttons for block-off, take-off, landing and

-- An extra button for recording the times of special
events, like touch-and-go landings or transitions between
IFR and VFR.

-- The special event times are listed beside or below the

-- An automatic mode to record take-off and landing-times by
use of GPS. The time-recording is triggered at a speed
which can be set, and can be overridden by pressing
the respective button. (This functionality is only
implemented in the full version)

-- No ads

Further functionality will be added to the app in near future, like the possibility to store flights in a data-base and to send the data via email.

For questions or comments, please contact us via email on office@aeroware.at. More information about our apps and the apps4pilots program you can find at our website, www.aeroware.at

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