Focus Cab




    This App allows you to effortlessly book a taxi from Focus Cab in and around Nairobi.

    - Make a booking
    - Check the status of your booking
    - Cancel your booking

    The use of 'Smart Places' eliminates the need to save your 'favourite' pickup locations as the App will automatically highlight the most relevant nearby pickup locations based on your booking history.

    The App utilises the GPS capabilities of your phone to automatically detect your current location allowing you to effortlessly make a booking. Bookings can be made by selecting one of the recommended nearby places, selecting the pickup location on the map or by simply entering the pickup address on the booking form.

    No pre-registration is required before making your first booking. Simply make a booking and provide the required information, including your phone number so that you can be contacted regarding your booking, if the need arises.

    For more information visit our website

    NOTE: This App is intended for bookings in and around Nairobi, as such all addresses are restricted to this area.