Fuel Economy Pro (Gas Mileage)



Gas prices are on the rise! And it is becoming increasingly important to keep track of your expenses in the current economy.
Fuel Economy Pro can help you log your gas mileage and help you save money at the pump!

✔ Multiple vehicles (unlimited)
✔ Unlimited fuel records
✔ Multiple currencies
✔ View data in MPG, km/L or L/100km
✔ View statistics by vehicle or combined
✔ View charts by vehicle (Android 2.2+)
✔ Backup and restore
✔ App is moveable to SD card
✔ Easy to use!

**Enter your starting mileage from the last fill-up first. If this is unknown you will have to enter the starting mileage on your next fill-up and then you will be ready to enter fuel records on the second fill-up.

**Long click on Vehicle and Fuel records to edit or delete.

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