Fuel Miser (FULL)



Fuel Miser (by droidDK) is a simple and convenient fuel usage and cost tracking app. Fuel Miser will also track a few of your most recent maintenance dates & mileages that will help you get the best fuel mileage and value out of your vehicle. You can track data for multiple vehicles all on one device. Reporting and Import/Export capability is also included.

FULL version features include...
-- Main activity displays fuel summary and last maintenance info for current vehicle
-- Fuel History activity is a scrollable list of Fuel Entries
-- Fuel Entry activity easily facilitates fuel data entry
-- Vehicle Select activity for multiple vehicle data tracking
-- Edit Vehicle activity maintains pertinent vehicle info and maintenance interval data
-- Vehicle Fuel Report including email report function (enhanced reporting functionality is planned for a future release)
-- Import/Export feature is included to allow app data to be backed up to the SD card in case app reinstall is ever needed.

App Backstory:
For years, I have carried a sheet of paper in my cars and would write down my fuel info each time I bought gas. Periodically, I would enter the data into a spreadsheet on my PC to calculate my approximate fuel mileage from tank to tank. I also used the paper to note when I last checked tire pressures(wear,etc), rotated the tires, and changed the oil. When I got my Android phone I thought replacing that sheet of paper would make a great idea for my first Android app.
And, voila... Fuel Miser (by droidDK - pronounced "droid-de-ka") now gives me the average mileage calculations immediately at fillup. Please enjoy using this app as much as I have developing it. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Thanks for checking out my app! - DK

NOTE: This app supports US English language only... however, it does provide for international mileage, fuel quantity, and currency symbol preference settings.

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