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FuelHound Cheap Gas Prices USA's review


FuelHound helps you to find the cheapest oil station anywhere

  • Accurate
  • Screen widget
  • Both list and map view
  • Usefulness
  • Needs extra options
  • Layout could be enhanced

"Merge Android and Trip and you'll get a Smart-Trip"

Have you ever realized that the following oil station was much cheaper than the one where you fill up a few miles ago? That's annoying and makes our trip way less efficient than it should be. FuelHound comes up to solve that issue: you only have to set some parameters: your fuel average consumption, average refuel amount, set the country where you're travelling through (USA, Austria, Ireland and Western Austrialia so far), type of fuel, search type, set the track (that's it, start and destination) and then if you're enjoying any kind of discount. If you don't know how to get there, Fuel Hound syncs with Google Maps navigator service. Rolling your window down and asking whoever you meet first still uses to work, though.

After that, FuelHound will show you a list of available oil station in the track and it will also place them on the map. What's more, it will show the price of your fuel in all of them. Thus, you can calculate estimate where you have to fill up depending on the fuel left and the distance to destination. Unless you set it otherwise, it'll show the nearest stations with a color code (green means good, red means, what the, sure you caught it) so you can choose at a glance. The best way to be efficient on your car trips. Don't get frightened if prices changes every other day, the app tries to get the last available price and no, no one is submitting prices: it works along a constantly updated database.

What's more, there's a customizable screen widget that makes easier checking and updating oil station available. In a nutshell, FuelHound is one of those apps that suppose a clearly improvement in our day-to-day in the form of money savings and car caring. So it's worth paying for such a service. The only catch is its interface, which may be too sober and simple. And, perhaps, it needs some extra features, more added-value. Anyway, kc.androidmarket, its developer, has done a great job with it. Recommendable. In fact, every driver should have a fuel-savvy app like this on his or her device.

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