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Aloha! Hi Bus - Oahu is Hawaii's bus arrival app which will show you when your next bus will arrive in real time.

Hi Bus allows for searching by Stop ID (a unique number given to each stop on Oahu) and by street names that identify a stop such as "Bishop Hotel" is the Bishop and Hotel stop. You can even search stops by your location! It also allows for display of bus route and bus stops and tracking of buses!

Save your favorite bus stops and give it a description to help you remember which stop is which.

***Awesome Feature - Track a Bus***
Try tracking a bus by selecting it and choosing "track this bus." It will allow your phone to track the bus for you and will keep you updated about where it is. You don't have to keep checking yourself! Let the app do it for you! :)

Hi Bus - REAL-TIME arrival times - DOES account for traffic, breakdowns, lateness, earliness, etc.

Hi Bus is best for those which are daily bus riders, but still is very handy for those that aren't.

Please let me know of your suggestions, comments, and criticism and email me at the Email Developer link on this page. I am open to everything and I hope that I can make this a very useful app to every bus rider on Oahu. I know how difficult planning or riding the bus can be. This app will try to defeat all of the struggles bus riders face.

If at any time you need help in the application try finding the answer with MENU --> Help

Hi Bus takes advantage of HEA* (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) from OTS* (Oahu Transit Services) for TheBus Honolulu. This allows for real time bus location and accurate bus arrival time.

** I DO NOT work for TheBus. I am an individual college student who uses the bus for transportation and had an idea to make real time bus arrival information available at every riders fingertips.

** Please note that I have no control over the information that is displayed to you. I am only the guy who displays it. I CAN NOT help you if something is wrong with the information (Example: My bus never came, the estimated time was wrong, etc). I CAN help you if there is an issue with the application itself (Example: The app just crashed, the display isn't showing correctly, I got a force close message, etc).


INTERNET - For retrieving bus information
NETWORK STATE - For checking if you have an internet connection

* OTS and HEA are registered
trademarks of Oahu Transit Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

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