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HopStop Transit Directions Map's review


This app allows you to see the best way to go from a place to another

  • Useful
  • Easy to use
  • Save and reverse feature
  • Only U.S and some European cities
  • Doesn't always show the best way

"How do I get there?"

UPDATE: It currently works on our device, so we updated the review.

This app is supposed to provide detailed public transit and walking directions when travelling by bus, train, subway or any transport that you'd like to use.

The use is fairly easy: add your Starting and Destination address, change the direction settings (transport) and set the departure time. Then you just need to press Search and the app shows you the correct path, adding the approximate time you'll spend on each travel step and the total miles and minutes. In addition, you can save the trip for the future or reverse it for the way back. A map is also provided in case you need a visual help.

This app was developed by HopStop.com, Inc., creators of the original HopStop website.

This is a very useful tool nowadays, but like many other similar apps, it doesn't always choose the best or quickest way. However, it now works perfectly well on our smartphone and if you live in the U.S it's totally recommendable.

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