How to Use the Snap-On MT2500



How to Use the Snap-On MT2500 - Runs on all Phones & Tablets
By Mandy Concepcion

With the ever increasing electronic content in today’s vehicles, the scan tool has become the tool of choice to look into the ECM or module functions. The scanner is the only window into what the different modules are doing. One thing’s to use an oscilloscope or GMM, but to know what the computer is actually interpreting, your only choice is this piece of equipment.

This book is different than other book on the MT2500. This book actually teaches you how to use the equipment and interpret the PID datastream. This book also borrows from some of our other publications, but geared towards the MT2500. We also expose the use of other diagnostic equipment and how to use them together. In today’s automotive repair shop the technician has to be able to use the equipment and draw relational characteristics between the signal. It is from these relations that the tech arrives to the true repair. It’s not just using the MT2500. It’s using the MT2500 and see if the scope and multi-meter readings also support the repair conclusion.

Snap-On has over the years developed into a leader in diagnostic equipment. With that in mind, lets learn to use the MT2500 to its fullest and become a profitable, top technician. Remember, learning to use your equipment will also teach you a great deal of diagnostics.

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