HT+phoenix is a personnel GPS tracker. Features emergency beacon and locator, patrol logging, audio recording and more. Designed for the security professional.

Has a variety of uses: Fleet Management, Club Security, Mall Security, Outdoor event security, and more!!!

Want to keep the back-end server in-house? HT+phoenix can do that!

• Emergency Beacon/Locator
• Assign your own group
• Simple Operation
• Option to record audio on "ALL CALL"
• Patrol Reports
• Location Logging
• Audio Recording
• File Management
• Export via e-mail
• More features on the way!

• Asset tracking requires the device to remain unlocked.
• Continued use of the GPS will dramatically decrease battery life.
• Continued use of the app while the screen is on, will dramatically decrease battery life.
• An active internet connection is required for most functions to work properly.