iGuardianTeen is a cooperative tool to be used by parent and teen. No spying. Teen receives same report as parent with the purpose of assessing their driving sessions until they gain safe driving experience. The goal is to assist the teen driver to transition to solo driving by accumulating safe driving experience in a virtual coach (parent) setting. Once Mom, Dad and Teen are comfortable with teens’ driving abilities then the App is no longer needed. Just download the App onto your teen’s smart phone for FREE. For more info please visit http://iGuardianTeen.com
-* Optional Dash Camera: Records video in a continuous loop which will be automatically uploaded in the event of an accident. On-Demand uploads are available for road rage incidents as well.
-Distraction Prevention: Diverts incoming calls and text messages, except from parents, to the phone’s message center where the teen can retrieve their messages after their driving session is complete.
-Driving Reports: Automatically sent to the email addresses of the parent and teen for post driving session evaluation.
-Accident Detection: The App will report possible accidents based on excessive g-forces. It will provide location, date, time and video footage of the event.
-Speed Monitoring: You can set a maximum speed limit for your teen, and if breached you will be notified of when, where, how long, and the fastest speed recorded.
-Simple Interface: After initial setup, the interface has a 1-button start and stop. The screen will blackout to prevent distraction but video and monitoring will continue.

To provide suggestions, feedback or to report errors, please visit the developer’s website at http://www.iGuardianTeen.com

* If utilizing the Dash Camera feature then place the cell phone in a horizontal dash mount in an AIRBAG NON-DEPLOYMENT ZONE of the dashboard.

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