Impossible Talk and Drive



Impossible Talk and Drive, simple light weight application that makes it impossible to talk on your phone and drive. If you are driving faster than 5 miles per hour all calls outgoing and incoming are blocked and auto declined… simply pull over and call the person back. Don’t try and call and then drive, this will also auto block the call. This app is designed to keep people safe. Driving and talking on the phone is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Just as hard to drive and talk on the phone as it is to drink and drive!
Download on your phone, friends, kids, parents phone! lets keep everyone safe
I developed this application after I was walking with my kids in the store parking lot and a careless driver almost hit them while talking on their cell phone.. Worst part was, she never even saw me or my kids, so just think of the lives she almost took without being aware!

GPS must be enabled for this to work, if GPS is off, all calls will be blocked, simply enable the GPS function and you can make and receive calls as long as you are not driving.

Unblock calls while on Bluetooth
Other features requested by users may be added as well...Drive Safe!