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    Welcome to the worldwide promotion of YOUR NEW INSURANCE BUDDY.

    The buddy you need when you’re in a crunch!

    We are pleased to announce the newest aide to your car insurance claim. Your ‘Insurance Buddy’ is an app like no other.

    Why is the ‘Insurance Buddy’ so important?

    According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, car accidents happen every minute of the day. Motor vehicle accidents occur in any part of the world every 60 seconds. And if it’s all summed up in a yearly basis, there are 5.25 million driving accidents that take place per year.

    Of course, the ‘Insurance Buddy’ won’t stop accidents occurring, but it is the tool that you will be glad to have purchased.

    Let’s create a scenario!

    Image that you’re setting off on a journey, maybe to work or maybe the school run. You’re happily driving along, as you do possibly every day, then suddenly, out of the blue, a car pulls out from a side street, before you know it, BANG!. You get out of your car, after, of course, ensuring that any occupants who maybe travelling with you are ok. Disembarking from your car, you look in horror at the damage to your precious car. An all too familiar scenario you’re possibly thinking, but one that happens all too often.

    But what happens next?

    If you’re like most people, you probably never carry your car insurance documents with you when you travel on your motorcycle or in your car. All you have is a small scrap of paper, maybe a shopping receipt to gather all the important details from the accident. You probably even try scribbling furiously on the back of your hand in the vain attempt to get your pen to work, that is course whether you can find a pen. But, here is an idea worth considering, why not store your insurance policy details on your ‘Insurance Buddy’?

    Your comprehensive little app comes to you with a staggering array of tools to assist you when you have a coming together with another vehicle.

    Your ‘Insurance Buddy’ Feature Benefits:-

    ‘My Policy’ page:

    This password protected page enables you to store your complete policy details in a secure area. Stored information is easily retrieved in the event of an accident.

    ‘Witness Report’ page:

    The ‘Witness Report’ page allows you to gather, if possible, independent witness/bystander testimony of the accident from their prospective. Store the details pertaining to the witness/bystander testimony on your phone and when you are ready you can then forward it.

    My Location:

    This special feature will obtain your GPS co-ordinates at the point of your collision. The location is gathered on this page automatically and with a special ‘Add to Email button your GPS address and the latitude and longitude details will be sent along with your claims report.

    My Emergency Contacts:

    In case of emergency, you may need to contact the emergency services. ‘My Emergency Contacts’ page offers you a quick way in which to reach these services without having to search through a long list of contacts.

    Vehicle Assessment:

    This is a special unique feature that allows you the capability to highlight points of damage on your car. You will notice that there are three damage level buttons located at the top of the ‘Vehicle Assessment’ page. The damage levels are indicated by colour and range from ‘Low’ (green), ‘Medium’ (amber), and ‘Maximum’ (red). These levels measure the severity of the damage to your vehicle.

    These are just a few of your essential service tools available on your ‘Insurance Buddy’.

    Your ‘Insurance Buddy’ will take the hassle away from you having to retrace the events of an accident days after. It is essential in gathering every detail, great or small after an accident. It can forward all your details to your insurer minutes after an accident has happened. It will record factual events, without any hazy and ambiguous detail.

    It is a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits.

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