Jet Taxi



Jet Taxi is application for passengers and drivers. Get taxi with one tap. Work without dispatchers.

Taxi Jet gives away three top smartphones! -



1. Touch and go. Get taxi with a single tap.

* Your current address is determined automatically.
* There is no need to remember taxi phone numbers and wait for operator response.
* Get taxi wherever you are – in a loud club or on a business meeting.

2. Freedom of choice. With Jet Taxi you will always find a driver who fits you most.

* You choose a driver according to his tariff, rating and distance from you.
* You can also view his photo and car model.

3.Transparency on all steps. You've got a full access to all details on all steps of your ride.

* All available nearby taxis are displayed on the map.
* Watch your driver on the map in real time.
* Get precise price calculated by gps taximeter.


1. All-in-one. Jet Taxi is a Swiss Army knife for a driver.

* You automatically receive jobs directly from passengers.
* Receive driving directions from a built-in navigator.
* Precise GPS taximeter will calculate the price of your ride according to your tariff.

2. Easy to use. All you need to get jobs is to run the App.

* Interactive map shows opportunity bursts.
* Job notifications as easy as a phone call – confirm or deny.
* Ordering passenger is marked on the map.

3. Earn more. With Jet Taxi you are a boss of your own.

* Set your own tariff.
* Rating system lets you improve your services and receive more jobs.
* Jet Taxi doesn't spend money for the office and operators, that`s the reason why commission fees are so low.

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