Map Offline! MapItFast from AgTerra Technologies ( is a professional grade mapping and data collection solution that makes it easy for users and organizations to collect any field data and generate maps and detailed reports from within the app. With a single tap on the screen, field service personnel are able to precisely log points, lines, polygon features and photos using the device's built-in GPS or by drawing. GPS coordinates are provided for points and photos. Lines and polygons include calculated distance and area respectively. Basemaps from Bing, Google and OSM are included for aerial, street and topo reference and may be used in areas where a data connection is not available, or with a paid subscription you can upload your own layers and basemaps. A data connection is not required for mapping.

MapItFast has the following key functionality:
- Works offline in remote areas without a data connection
- One tap to map points, lines, polygons and photo features; even at the same time
- Use a long press to map points, lines, and polygons without a GPS
- Team based data collection and sharing in real-time
- Instant calculations for acreage and distance
- Moving map display showing current location; multi-touch zoom
- Online and offline maps (Bing, Google, OSM) or upload your own custom basemaps and layers
- View maps in portrait or landscape position
- GPS stats window- selectable for even more details
- GPS offset enabling logging to right or left of actual position
- Apply attributes from a personal or corporate data dictionary
- Pause and resume line and polygon features while mapping
- Capture GPS coordinates for points and photos
- Assign different colors and symbology for different lines and polygons
- Imperial and metric units
- Support for external Bluetooth GPS devices
- Enterprise level user controls and permissions

Note: This is the free version of MapItFast for personal use only. A commercial version of this product links the MapItFast mobile client with your online account. Cloud based data services offer the ability to:
- View all projects, user locations and contributions in real time online
- Collaborate with team members sharing locations/contributions over multiple devices
- Create, modify and managing multiple projects
- Add shapefiles from other sources as a map overlay (include symbology and labeling)
- Upload custom basemaps from other sources such as MOBAC and ArcGIS for offline use
- Create, edit, delete and share objects online
- Search, copy, move objects among projects
- Add custom data dictionaries to speed and standardize attribution
- Export to KMZ, SHP (shapefile) or GPX format for use in other GIS software
- Add attributes and generate printable PDF reports using customized electronic forms
- Assign roles and permission based controls for projects and data

MapItFast is appropriate for all spatially based activities including inspections and surveys, agriculture mapping, wildfire and disaster response, utility work, crop scouting, mobile asset tracking, wildlife management, oil and gas fieldwork, forestry, rangeland monitoring, trail mapping, weed and pest projects, and even outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, geocaching, and hunting.

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