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Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd's review


A really interesting app which lets you use maps at any given moment

  • Easy to use
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Needs a lot of storage space
  • The free version only gives you 10 downloads

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"Maps whenever you want them!"


OsmAnd is the must-have app you need if you usually travel by car and use your phone to work our the best routes, and especially if you're traveling abroad and you turn on roaming to download maps a lot. With this app you can download the maps before you leave home and still get the instructions if you can't get access to a data connection or WiFi.


Without a doubt, this is a very well-made app, because it includes worldwide maps too. You can easily find the right map through the filters, listed by continent. If you download at home, in the office or in a hotel, while on a WiFi network, you can use them without any issues when you go out onto the street. It is easy to use and you don't need any other files to be downloaded. You can also save your favorite sites and locate points of interest on the map.


The free version is a bit limited if you're a heavy map user because it only give you 10 downloads. If you want to use more maps, you have to pay for the complete version. Remember that the maps need a lot of free space, but your SD card will come in handy for that.

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by Cecília

Apr 01, 2015

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