MetroMaps Euro, Europe's metro



As one of the coolest and most user-friendly apps currently available, MetroMaps Euro allows users to access metro maps of cities and towns around Europe.

This first-class application lets the user view maps for traveling plans, destinations, and locations of their choice. What is truly great about this application is that the user does not need Internet access and maps that are accessed can be stored in the favorites folder.

Some of the most prominent features of MetroMaps Euro are:
- Users can access a good collection of subway maps of Europe with one simple application.
- The application offers a SearchBar that allows the user to type in the name of a city
- It is available in multiple languages.

For a person who travels frequently around Europe, MetroMaps Euro is a necessity. Overall, MetroMaps Euro is the traveler's companion and could prevent a user from getting lost when trying to find that new location!

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