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"Tell me quando, tell me when!" That's a frequent question when traveling. Nextstop Vienna tells you when & where to get your nearest public transport ride. And you get suggestions for your best way from A to B.

Why use Nextstop Vienna:
- timetable, schedules & real-time data for public transportation
- interactive map showing all public transport stops
- route suggestions public and other means of transport such as carsharing, bikesharing, taxi or footpaths
- route planning in Vienna and all of Austria

No matter if Wiener Linien in Vienna, ÖBB, VOR, Badner Bahn & all transportation for all of Austria: Nextstop Vienna is your free mobile timetable & route planner for your smartphone. No matter where you are: find everything for your trip or daily travels quickly on your mobile phone.

Timetable & real-time departure information:
Open Nextstop Vienna and immediately see tram/bus stops near you. Click on a stop and Nextstop Vienna will show you which public transport departs when. On the map you can see the location of all stops and so you get your best way there.

If you see a blue "live" icon above the departure times, they are real-time. That way you immediately see current delays or disturbances. In case you don't see the blue icon, departures of the metro, tram, train, bus or express-train are displayed according to schedule."

Switch between departure times and seeing the minutes until the public transportation is due by clicking on the time.

Not only can you search for stops but also for Point of Interests such as shopping malls, restaurants or a museum. Nextstop Vienna will show you stops nearby that POI. You can move the map towards the area you want to search in as well.

Mark your most important stops with a star, this way you can find them under "favorites" at any time.
Or prefer "your" public transportation line so all stops show the departures of this specific line.

Directions for Vienna & all of Austria:
You want to know how to get from A to B as quick as possible? Enter stops, an address, a POI or your current location as a start/destination. Now simply click ""find route"" and Nextstop Vienna shows you different options for ways you can get to your destination."

We currently offer routes with the following means of transport:
- Public transport
- Carsharing
- Taxi
- Bikesharing
- Car
- Bike
- Footpath
Choose one of the options and Nextstop Vienna shows you the route details like directions to the closest carsharing vehicle or public transportation nearby.

Highlight routes you would like to view again at a later stage with a star.
Bookmark routes including all the details such as preferred mean of transportation or departure times. This way you can find them again under "trips and tickets".

For longer routes throughout Austria Nextstop Vienna will first propose ways in which you can travel the main leg of your journey.
Decide on one of them and Nextstop Vienna offers you ways of getting to the starting point of the main leg or to the final destination.

Mobility profile:
The route planning of Nextstop Vienna can show you different means of transport. Choose which means of tranport you want to or don't want to see in the results in your mobility profile. Simply login and click ""mobility profile"" in your profile. There you can set the desired filter.

Mobile ticket service:
WESTbahn - the private railway between Vienna, Linz and Salzburg.
Buy your ticket for the WESTbahn directly in Nextstop Vienna. Your ticket will be sent to you via mail and the QR-Code in the mail will be scanned on the train.

Have fun with Nextstop Vienna! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

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