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NorthStar Child Safety Monitor is an integrated child and school bus safety tracking and monitoring app that ensures children's safety and security while they travel to school and back. It can track your children's school bus, ensure their safety and security and notify you of their impending arrival at pick up and drop off stops.
The NorthStar web app also monitors unsafe driving and poor/rash drivers, saves you money by optimizing the bus routes, allows you to view your children inside the bus, monitors their attendance and reports truancy, monitors the misuse of school buses and their fuel and improves the driving habits of drivers.

If your child's school in India has registered for and purchased the NorthStar Child Safety service, the application and its service is available to you for free anywhere in the world. In the app, simply enter the 10-digit mobile number that you provided to your child's school, and you will automatically be able to monitor your child's location and time of arrival.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at:
1-800-1-200-267 (1-800-1-200-COP) in India
+91 99-80-200-885 (Mobile)
+91 (80) 65-47-48-47 (Land line)
Or write to us at:

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