Oh S**t, Where Did I Park?



OSWIP [\äz-wip\] is a tool to help you avoid losing your car. Whether you got totally tanked at the party last night or are completely brain-dead after a long business meeting, we are here to help. With just a couple button presses, you can save the GPS location of your car to ease your safe return at a later point in time.

Key features include:
- simple design, one tap to save or find car via GPS
- save your parking space information
- track your parking meter to make sure it doesn't run out
- receive a notification when parking meter is close to expiring


Yes, we know we skipped the “D” in OSWIP, but OSWIP is way more fun to say, right? Right. ...OSWIP!!!!!

What makes us special?

OSWIP and her website have been coded and designed with love. Real love. Not from concentrate. We love you, and OSWIP loves you.

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