Dear potential client:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to consider Paisa Classic Car Service as the type of transportation for your choice. We know that using our service will provide you with fast, convenient and on-time transportation. Here at Paisa; we are proud to offer exceptional service using our up-to-date dispatching system.
Our app offers the ease to order your car service with just a few taps.


- Order Car Service based on your GPS position
- When the rush is needed, order a car in a few taps.
- Reserve your future rides
- Receive instant notification of your car service arrival
- Receive notification, when your car is outside.

Paisa Classic Car Service App and its ordering service are free. You pay for the service at the end or at the beginning, as per arrangements between you and the driver.

This mobile app is powered by Mobile Dispatch Software Solutions, Inc

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