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PakTrakr for Android displays individual battery and battery pack information from one or more PakTrakr devices through a Bluetooth link. Access to the critical information about the batteries in your vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc) helps you operate the vehicle safely and hopefully with longer range and more confidence.

The application is set up as a series of tabs. For best usage, your Android device should be mounted or held in Landscape position.

The Maps tab tracks your position via GPS and Google Maps and calculates the distance remaining in your battery pack. The Gauges tab shows Percentage of Charge left in the battery pack, the Pack Temperature and the Pack Voltage as large gauges. The amount of current flowing to the motor is shown as a bar graph along the bottom edge.

The Batteries tab shows the instantaneous voltage of each battery in the pack.

The Trips tab keeps track of your trips with distance and percent of pack capacity used.

The Errors tab shows any errors reported in the pack.

The Preferences tab tells the app about the characteristics of your batteries, the layout of your battery pack and
how to communicate with the PakTrakr over Bluetooth.

Unfortunately PakTrakr stopped selling units on December 31, 2011 so no new units are available. PakTrakr for Android is not related in any way to the former manufacturer of PakTrakr, KJHall Motor Company.

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