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Download ProtextMe today - Drive Safely with ProtextMe SMS Reader and SMS Responder!
Listen to SMS, listen to TXT messages
No need to push start button-this app works fully automatically!
Protextme works with Whatsapp, Waze, Viber, Email, Facebook, etc.
ProtextMe senses when the vehicle starts moving automatically no need GPS or hardware required. It can wait! For your Safety, keep your eyes on the road .Increase your safety by avoiding distractions while driving

Get It and Forget It, you're Protexted,

Why ProtextMe ?
1. ProtextMe automatically detects when you are driving and when you are not. No GPS or additional hardware required. Battery friendly Minimal battery usage.
2. ProtextMe SMS (Text) Reader - reads incoming text messages out loud.
3. Automatic Auto reply (Auto Responder) - When you are driving, the sender receives an automatic, editable message: “Hi, I’m driving. If it’s urgent – please call.”
4. ProtextMe silences the tones of all types of messages (SMS, e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).

What makes ProtextMe different from its competitors?
1. Battery friendly - ProtextMe is the only application with a unique algorithm for identifying the start and end of driving, developed without hardware or reliance on GPS.
3. ProtextMe offers a full solution for the problem of texting while driving.
4. One-time installation – Get it and forget it, you are Protexted!
5. No manual action needed when you start driving
6. Recommended by road safety organizations worldwide

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