PSI Tires Pressure

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    PSI Tires Pressure is the solution for the most common problem in the history of car maintanence - Which is :
    "Remind me again what is the correct PSI for my car ?"
    In PSI Tires Pressure you will be able to find your car's recommended PSI easily.
    The data is trusted by the most successfull Gas Stations in Israel (Paz , Sonol , Dor Alon).
    No more praying that your car's model will appear on the PSI device at the gas station.
    No more searching for strange people with the same car as for additional help.

    In order to ease the ones who posses more than one car we've added a "Favorite cars" feature which will help you locate them on the app and avoid searching them over and over again.
    Available actions in the application :
    * Search for specific car.
    * Add the car to my favorite cars.
    * Remove the car from my favorite cars list.
    * View all cars.
    * View only my favorite cars.

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