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    Radio Nav Aids is an aircraft radio navigation instrument simulator. A huge world wide database of DME's, VOR's and VORTAC's is built in. Both a VOR (VHF Omni-directional Range) and HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) can be simulated. Both also have a classic 7-segment simulated DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) displayed consisting of slant distance, groundspeed and ETA. The simulator utilises GPS and the device's magnetic compass to accurately display the VOR or HSI magnetic radial (corrected for the local magnetic variation).

    The simulator is intended for training purposes only and must not be used for actual aircraft navigation. It is ideal for learning how the VOR and HSI work in convenient location other than an aircraft cockpit.

    The trial version is limited to displaying the simulated radio navigation aid instrument for 90 seconds only before returning to the main selection screen. If your device's GPS has trouble locking within the 90 seconds limit then first get an initial GPS lock with Google Maps. Ads are also shown on the selection screen and after the simulated radio navigation aid screen. The full version does not have ads or the timeout.

    The full version is available here:

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