Order a cab in seconds from the Portland and Vancouver metro areas leading transportation provider, Radio Cab! Why wait on hold to speak with a call taker? Book a cab for immediate pickup or a future time. Create a personal profile that saves your pickup locations or use location mapping to find your exact address. Check status or cancel your order with a single tap. Get the Radio Cab app now and your next ride is always just three taps away!

    Wherever you are, whenever you want you can use the Radio Cab app to order a ride with just three taps.
    1.Tap to open the app and watch us find your location
    2.Tap “Now” for immediate pickup
    3.Tap “Order” and see your ride confirmation

    You can also order your ride for a future time by tapping “Later”. Choose the date and the pickup time and rest assured your Radio Cab will be there when you need it.
    Your profile saves your name, favorite locations and recent address where you’ve been picked up. Never worry about remembering addresses again.
    It’s as easy to cancel your ride as it is to order, too.
    1.Tap to open the app
    2.Tap “Cancel”
    3.Tap to confirm your cancellation
    With all the convenience of the Radio Cab app, why ever wait on hold again?

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