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by Jesse Warford
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Slide is a special purpose calculator used to assist professional truck drivers in: 1) calculating their axle weights when weighing on a platform scale; 2) logging these weights, along with precalculated weights such as cat scale weights, with the trailer number and location for future reference; 3) guestimating their approximate axle weights based on their suspension air guage reading; 4) and the slide calculator which simulates sliding of trailer axles and the adjustments can be seen immediately.

As of this time, only the axle weight calculator is functional. The weight logging system, air scaling, and slide calculator will be added in future updates.

Always remember to weight on scales with your breaks released (the air brake knobs on the dash pushed in and not pushing the brake pedal down) if at all possible!

Slide is a freeform calculator, in that the axle weight combinations may be entered in any sequence desired. Slide does not restrict the driver to steer weight first, then steer and drive, then gross weight, because not all platform scales are setup efficiently for "drive on" weighing, and different drivers have different preferences. Personally, my preference is "drive off" weighing, because each weight taken is centered on the scale, whereas "drive on" weighing the steer weight, the weight is all at one end of the scale, and uses only 2 weight points fully instead of all 4. Some would argue "drive off" weighing is a tiny bit more accurate. The "half and half" weighing may also be used, where the first weight is steers and drives, the second is gross weight, and the third weight is drives and trailer. "Half and half" is probably the most accurate, because at the first and last weight, the axle(s) not on the scale are barely off the scale, often still on the scales concrete base, instead of being down the incline, which makes the calculated weights less accurate because of the non-level weight distribution.

Credit and gratitude goes to the following:
- My wife Susan for lovingly allowing me the time to complete my projects
- Erel Uziel of Anywhere Software for his incredible development system
- Andrew Graham for BasicLibIde and other code libraries
- and the online support community.

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