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    ★ Road Safety Awards Finalist ★
    ★ Speed Alert Drivers Are Safer ★

    Australian drivers protect your licence from the risks of unintentional speeding with Australia's most up to date SpeedAlerting App. Brilliantly simple it...
    1. Knows the speed limit where you are
    2. Knows how fast you are traveling
    3. Alerts you when you are speeding
    4. Alerts you to school zones & cameras
    5. Live Traffic Info
    6. Parking & Petrol finder

    Speed Alert Live is superior to similar sounding solutions, it pulls in the latest speed limits, cameras, school zones and other hazard data, NO other solution does this.

    Speed Alert -ing technology is key part of the Australian National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020.

    7 NEWS - "SpeedAlerting effective for 90% of driver"

    MORNING SHOW - "the solution to speeding in School Zones"

    9 NEWS - "could mean 35 deaths and 1500 accidents less a year in NSW"

    As a careful driver do you need 'Speed Alert Live'?
    Every week 1000s of normally careful drivers get booked and MILLIONS of dollars of speeding tickets are issued many for speeding under 10 km/h. You might be a great driver 99% of the time but all it takes is one distraction at the wrong time and you are hit with a BIG FINE and demerit points threatening your licence.

    Don't run the risks of unintentional speeding, fines, loss of licence or much worse.

    Speed Alert drivers are smarter and safer.

    This App is designed for use in Australia only.

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