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Protect your Driver’s Licence. UK Speed Camera Detector. 100% legal and reliable.
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This Free Edition detects fixed speed cameras. SpeedCam Detector Pro detects ALL types of Speed Cameras used in UK: FIXED SPEED CAMERA, MOBILE SPEED CAMERA, TUNNEL SPEED CAMERA, RED LIGHT CAMERA, POLICE CONTROL and BLACK SPOT.

Enjoy a peaceful journey while you are behind the wheel and forget about being fined. With this app you will have the most comprehensive FREE SPEED CAMERA DETECTOR.

We update our SPEED CAMERA DATABASE on a daily basis, so you can benefit from continuous improvements and free updates.

- Full background service. Integrates with any GPS NAVIGATOR, such as Navigation. Allows users to receive navigation alerts and Speed Camera warnings.
- Battery saving mode. You will continue to receive warnings while the screen is off.
- Choose between 4 different viewing modes. Includes a 3D mode with augmented reality, with which you will have a precise perspective of the location of the speed cameras.
- Simple and modern interface. Real-time view of the distance until the nearest speed camera, location, direction and speed limit.
- Includes vocal warnings which are completely in UK ENGLISH.
- Sound warnings when in proximity of a speed camera.
- Warnings when exceeding the speed limit.
- Vibration mode for motorbike riders.
- Fully configurable distances and warning parameters.
- Does not require data connection in order to view the location of the speed cameras. Internet connection is only necessary for viewing modes which use maps.
- No ads or banners.

This software has been designed taking into account its use on British roads; its interface provides all necessary information in a clear manner. SpeedCam Detector Free has been developed and tested in the United Kingdom by Vialsoft. You may download this app with FULL GUARANTEE.
If you have any query or suggestion, we will be happy to help you: support@vialsoft.com

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