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We made sure that everything was very easy. Activate and drive. No need internet, no software updates, no maps, no programming, no wires, no extra devices. There is no need to hold the phone in front of your eyes. It may be in your pocket.
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We often get letters: "why the application does not show the radar?". Because in the place where you live, no one has pointed radars. Our application is a living organism, where users are cells. You know about the radar in your street, your friend knows about the radar on his street. We are together, the whole world, we mark radars on the world map. Our project have started in April, and since then the number of downloads exceeded 300,000. Of course, for the world is not enough. But every day, more and more users. A year later, the project will unite million users, and two years later - three millions. It all depends on you.

We offer you a free platform (application also contains no advertising), where people all over the world are free to share information about the radars. American mark radars on his street, the Portuguese will mark the radar on his street, the Brazilian mark on his street, Algerian mark on his street. And now all the people: the American, and Portuguese, and Brazilian and Algerian: get information about the radar around the world. You can travel and use the same application. Tell a friend about the project, and you fill in the radar map of your city faster.

It is a live map. Already, more than 90 countries involved in the project. The most active is in Europe and Brazil. But every day more than a thousand people joining the project. Mark the camera, press the "update" and share your radar with the world, and the world will share with you. You can travel with our application and use it throughout the world. Just do not forget to tell your friends about project.

Remember, if you give us a good grade, you will help to develop our free project, because other users are guided by your assessment. Bad scores inhibit it. It is clear that, if the application does not run on your phone or buggy, you start to get angry. But better to write us about the problem, and not to put unsatisfactory. Although, of course, it's up to you. The ultimate goal of the project is to make a world map of cameras and maintain up to date by users.

We explored analogs. Our program is very simple. Another advantage is that you do not need internet. All the points are stored in your phone. In analogs points are loaded from the server during your movement, and, if you can not connect, you are left with no warning. The main difference is that our points are protected from flooders. To the point was in the database, it must be marked by three different people from three different phones. So that the base will not be filled with non-existent cameras. But the user, who noted the real point, is not affected. In his phone, it will be displayed immediately.

The project is global. All 90 countries are in your phone. You can use the same application in any part of the world.

Instructions: http://androids.ru/instr.htm.

Do you have a regular radar? Radar have to be hidden while parking, or you risk of being robbed. Radar detector beeps constantly reacting to the electronics. It must not forget to take it out the glove compartment. Plug the wire into the meals, that does not look pretty. Regular radar does not respond to radars, which are not fixing the speed violation.
Why not use the navigator? It is necessary to update a database from a computer and that is not very easy.

Questions? mail@androids.ru

The application will alert only on the cameras, which are stored in the database.

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