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"allSPEED Speedometer Ultimate" is a very powerful tool, which shows you very accurately satellite based your current speed. The tool has several modes: car, boat, plane and single measurement (other). In car mode you will be shown with the current speed even your present stopping distance (including reaction time), and the distance per second. But that's not nearly all that this tool can do: with this tool, you can view your current speed in all units of measurement (freely selectable), there are at all. Speedometer has a digital display, and has no speed limit - which means you can theoretically use this tool in a supersonic jet, and show the speed in all units.
In the following measurement units can speed be measured with this tool (speed tracing):
01. meter/second [m/s]
02. meter/hour [m/h]
03. meter/minute [m/m]
04. kilometer/hour [km/h]
05. kilometer/minute [km/m]
06. kilometer/second [km/s]
07. centimeter/hour [cm/h]
08. centimeter/minute [cm/m]
09. centimeter/second [cm/s]
10. millimeter/hour [mm/h]
11. millimeter/minute [mm/m]
12. millimeter/second [mm/s]
13. foot/hour [ft/h]
14. foot/minute [ft/min]
15. foot/second [ft/s]
16. yard/hour [yd/h]
17. yard/minute [yd/m]
18. yard/second [yd/s]
19. mile/hour [mi/h]
20. mile/minute [mi/m]
21. mile/second [mi/s]
22. knot [kt, kn, (sm)]
23. knot (UK) [kt (UK)]
24. Mach (SI standard)
25. Mach (20°C, 1 atm)
26. Cosmic velocity
27. Earth's velocity
- With GLONASS support
- Internet connection is NOT required for use this app!

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