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    Subway World: your online guide to subways, metros and light rail transit (LRT) all over the world. An easy to use trip planner with a clear focus: find your way around most of the world´s subway networks as effortlessly as a local.

    ✔ covers routes in 100+ cities on all continents
    ✔ clearly indicates non-regular services (24-hours, weekends, etc.)
    ✔ uses GPS to fix your search location
    ✔ provides links to maps and location-based information, such as interesting routes, photos, historical and statistical information.
    ✔ online database for always up to date information
    ✔ scrollable maps, pinch to zoom

    *** Features ***

    Clean, focused and user-friendly interface. What you see is what you need.
    Plan your trip to - and from - subway stations, places of interest and landmarks.
    Covers subway systems in major cities on all continents, for example New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Bucharest, Moscow, Tokyo and Cairo.
    New cities are added on a regular basis.
    All information is stored in the online subwayworld database and new cities and content are immediately available to your app.

    Clearly indicates non-regular services like 24-hour services and partial services (weekend-only, for example).
    Include, or exclude, non-regular services to find alternative routes.

    Use your location to plan your trip: with GPS enabled, the app locates and loads your city within seconds, there is no need to select it.

    Extra information at your fingertips - all cities have subway-related links to:
    - route maps
    - Wikipedia
    - the transport operator's website
    - other background information, such as picturesque routes and places of interest

    *** Cities ***

    Algiers, Cairo

    Atlanta, Baltimore, Belo Horizonte, Boston, Brasilia, Buenos Aires,
    Buffalo, Caracas, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Edmonton,
    Guadalajara, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Lima, Los Angeles, Maracaibo,
    Medellin, Mexico City, Miami, Monterrey, Montreal, Newark, New York,
    Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Saint
    Louis, Santiago, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle,
    Toronto, Valparaiso, Vancouver, Washington

    Adana, Ankara, Baku, Bangkok, Beijing, Bursa, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon,
    Dalian, Delhi, Dubai, Gwangju, Hong Kong, Incheon, Kuala Lumpur, Manila,
    Novosibirsk, Pyongyang, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tbilisi, Tehran,
    Tokyo, Wuhan, Yerevan

    Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Brescia, Brussels,
    Bucharest, Budapest, Cagliari, Catania, Charleroi, Cologne, Copenhagen,
    Dnipropetrovsk, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Hamburg, Helsinki, Istanbul,
    Kharkiv, Kiev, Kryvyi Rih, Lausanne, Lille, Lisbon, London, Lyon,
    Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Munich, Naples, Newcastle,
    Nuremberg, Oporto, Oslo, Palermo, Paris, Prague, Rennes, Rome,
    Rotterdam, Rouen, Saint Petersburg, Sassari, Sofia, Stockholm, Toulouse,
    Turin, Vienna, Warsaw, Wuppertal


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