Taxi Card Shanghai



Need a taxi in Shanghai, but having difficulties speaking Chinese? Use our app to search by address or browse the map until you find your destination in Shanghai. Let the Taxi Card translate your destination and the nearest crossing. Show it to the driver and you're on your way.

Why is it different/better?

Ever noticed that other Taxi apps in Shanghai only work with locations that are already in the system? We changed that. Now you can enter any address (for example your friends house) or browse the map until you find your destination, click it and generate the Taxi Card in Chinese. And of course, we also included all the most common areas in Shanghai for you to visit.

And what's more: this sophisticated new system will automatically find the nearest crossing to your destination. So even if you don't know the address but not the crossing, this tool might benefit you.

So if you're having trouble getting around Shanghai, just use our Taxi Card. Show it to the driver, and you're on your way! Yes, it's that easy.

Enjoy Shanghai!

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