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FreeXi - the global Free Taxi ordering application


Available in Israel, Germany, Russia. Soon in China.

We are constantly looking for investors in different countries/cities of the world. If you want to make
money, contact us. Visit our official site: and send us your contact.

Why FreeXi?

With one click nearest and available taxi is on it´s way to pick you up. No need to look for a taxi number
or call a taxi stations, no waiting loops – With just a few clicks, you can send your request to all available
taxi drivers in the immediate vicinity. Quick, simple and safe.

Driver does not pay monthly fees.

How does it work?

Driver side:

Drivers do not need to pay monthly fees in purpose to work with us.
Drivers see all the info about customer
Drivers can accept orders or decline them
Driver receives the order without extra human factor
If order is canceled, driver will be immediately noted about it
Each driver can become Partner to FreeXi system

Customer side:

When customer clicks the "Order" button on application, FreeXi system detects the passenger‘s current
location and the taxi request is sent to the nearest taxis. The passenger sees the taxi‘s arrival on the
map. The drivers details are displayed: picture, name, rating and distance. After the journey, passengers
can rate their drivers.

customer can order the taxi anywhere in the world by clicking the order button
closest available taxi will pick him up
customer and driver will know the location of each other and will be able to call each other
customer will be able to grade the service that accepted from the driver (average grade of the
driver will be one of the parameters, upon which FreeXi system will decide which drivers will
accept the next order)
in case that there is no available taxi near the customer, customer will accept contacts of the
nearest taxi stations and will be able to call one of them.

the order will be sent to the closest drivers, what minimizes the probability of canceling by
customers and also if canceling, driver will not waist lots of time and fuel.
Each customer can become Partner to FreeXi system

How to become partner and how to make money with FreeXi:

We have the partnership plan in FreeXi. Using FreeXi system, anyone can become real partner. You can
register on FreeXi site as partner ( and become partner.

As partner you can bring to FreeXi the drivers that you know. You, as partner, will accept defined
percent of all payments that your driver will pay to FreeXi system for unlimited period. It means that
while the driver will be registered on FreeXi system, you as a partner will accept part of his payments
forever, despite the fact that you brought him to FreeXi only once.

The details are possible to see on FreeXi official site:">

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