Appendix taxi "KARAT". Click. And your order is already in the air.

For smartphones based on Android and iPhone Taxi "KARAT" offers a free application that allows you to call a taxi from a noisy room (club, bar, restaurant), by ordering it directly without the involvement of the supervisor or other intermediaries.
To order a taxi by Android-smartphone is easy. Appendix "Taxi KARAT" instantly calculates the fare, finds the closest taxi and car shows information about it: the model and make of the car, the timing and the driver's phone number. If necessary, in the comments you can ask clarifying your search: car category, the availability of air conditioning, the ability of express delivery.
Allows you to make successful orders in the hours of the increased load on the roads: in the morning peak hours, at night, during a sudden deterioration of weather conditions;
Immediately after ordering the driver goes to that place.
Appendix "Taxi KARAT" free and available for smartphones based on iPhone and Android 2.1 and above.
Modern technology makes taxi pleasant and comfortable!

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