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    Ever wanted to quickly hail a taxi cab in Japan, without waving your arms or waiting around for a long time? Then Taxil is the app for you!

    With Taxil, you can see the taxis and taxi companies around your current location, and call a cab with the push of a button. You can also see information and ratings for each driver, and get a fare estimate beforehand (using our database from around 600 taxi companies).

    If you've ever said any of the following, then Taxil is here for you!

    "Taxis are never there when you need them."
    "The cabs always seem to have passengers already."
    "That driver was horrible! I want a driver that actually cares."
    "I only have large bills, and some drivers can't make change..."
    "I want to choose the taxi company and driver I use."
    "I want to know how much this is going to cost me ahead of time."

    We made Taxil with the goal of revolutionizing the taxi industry in Japan. With a combination of our IT infrastructure and the Taxil smartphone app, our aim is to make the process of hailing and riding in cabs more efficient and enjoyable.

    The app currently features approximately 600 taxi companies, and individual drivers are registering every day, so Taxil will become bigger and better over time.

    If you like the Taxil service, please tell your favorite drivers to register using the separate "Taxil Driver" app, so they can be part of the revolution as well!

    (Note: this app is currently for use in Japan only, but if you are interested in having taxi companies in your area added, please let us know!)

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