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G7 offers this application exclusively to its subscribed customers.

Are you a subscriber ? Enjoy all the benefits of your G7 subscription and order your taxis directly from your smartphone.

• Order your taxi discreetly: no noise is made, in a meeting room, during a conference, during a business lunch or in a noisy place in which it is difficult to have a phone call.
• Get some help while entering your address: by selecting it in your phone contacts, your usual address book, or some points of interest (stations, airports ...). You may also prefer to be geolocalized by your mobile phone.
• Select among the different vehicles offered the one that fits your needs: Sedan, station wagon, G7Green, or G7 Van, the application will be your guide.
• Select your option: English speaking driver, etc...
• Follow the time of arrival of your taxi in real-time: the information is automatically updated on your screen.
• Be informed discreetly of its arrival: thanks to the real-time tracking, you know immediately when your taxi is here, at your disposal. You can also view a map that locates the taxi accurately.
• Locate easily your taxi: you are informed of the model and vehicle color as well as the taxi number.

Advantages of being a subscriber:
• Book your taxi with a maximal priority
• Access a wide range of vehicles
• Gain peace of mind: your taxi waits for you according to your specifications
• Enjoy meet and greet in stations and airports
• Enjoy privileged services on board
• Book a taxi in over 160 cities in France and abroad
• Save time, pay nothing on board.

About G7:
• A fleet of over 8 000 affiliated taxi drivers
• 290 operators in our Customer Service Center which is opened 24/24
• A national network of 10,000 taxi partners in over 120 cities in France
• An international network of 20 000 correspondents in the major European cities

The taxi is a mode of green transportation as it is a sharing of vehicle and prevents it from monopolizing parking spaces in city centers.
The size of the fleet (8,000 taxis) is a guarantee of responsiveness. Having a taxi available nearby is synonym to a minimized time approach, thus a financial and environmental cost per passenger that is lower, which helps optimize the travels.

To go further, G7 committed in 2007 in reducing carbon emissions. We offer our clients an exclusive service among others: the ability to order a taxi from our G7Green fleet, constituted by 3000 green taxis.

For information about our subscriptions, call +33 1 41 27 45 00

News :
What’s new ?
• TAXIS G7 is revamping its image by changing its name and logo ! TAXIS G7 becomes G7
• New names of ours fleet of vehicles

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