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This application serves to facilitate the achievement of the train schedule of transport company CP. Any error in the hours shown in timetables or even trains that are not made, doesn't is my fault, since the information is obtained from the CP site. For more informations dial 808 208 208. In train travels that appears more than one type of train, ex: Urban and Intercity, simply means that the trip is made in two or more trains. In this version of the application it is not discriminated, and only disclosed the departure time of the first train, and the arrival time of the last train. Will add a version with more information later. To operate, simply introduce the name of the station, introduce the date of the trip and click the MENU button (green button at the bottom), followed by 'GO' button. To exit, use the 'Exit' button.
You can share your desired train schedule with someone, just by clicking thre result.

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