TransitSpy NCTD

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    The nation's most popular bus tracking application has come to North Coast Transit District.

    Utilizing GPS tracking devices installed on each NCTD bus, arrival times are up to the second and reliable. No more erratic bus schedules – TransitSpy can tell you when the next bus arrives while also showing you exactly where all buses are on your route. This means no more excessive waiting for the bus, simply track it with TransitSpy.

    TransitSpy Mobile’s streamlined interface is both intuitive and efficient, giving users a clean, simple and precise experience every time. Along with an interactive list of available bus lines, TransitSpy Mobile’s live bus map is more than a gimmick, unlike its competitors. Users can toggle between a bus arrival countdown and an interactive bus map to see not only when the bus is coming but know where it is at all times.

    Additionally, TransitSpy Mobile offers the following features:

    * TransitSpy Mobile covers all NCTD bus lines as well as Coaster and Sprinter.

    * Simple controls for selection of bus line, direction and stop.

    * Saved route selections and map settings.

    * Interactive bus map – toggle inbound/outbound subroutes to better understand all directions within in a bus route.

    * Color-coded bus graphics allow users to easily distinguish bus direction.

    * Customizable map type, graphics and colors.