TreKing (Chicago) BETA



This is a BETA release of the full version of the TreKing (Chicago) app.

It provides FREE access to the full version of the app with the newest features to gather user feedback and fix issues before a full release.

After the beta period, it will EXPIRE and cease to function until the next beta phase.

If an update to this beta is released, it will REQUIRE you to update and stay up to date with the latest release.

≡ In This Beta ≡
- Major UI Overhaul!
- Dark Holo Theme
- Action Bar design pattern
- Google Maps v2 implementation

And lots, lots more! Please see in-app "what's new message" for details.

Please report issues via email, in-app bug-report, or in the comments.

This beta will EXPIRE ON OR AFTER 6/1/14

≡ Already have the FULL VERSION? ≡

This version uses the same backup files as the main version. When you install this, it will automatically load in your existing data.

Just install and go!

After the beta, if you wish to keep you new data, you can use the Manual Backup option to export then import your data back to the main version ONCE THE PAID VERSION HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH THE BETA FEATURES!

≡ Already have the FREE VERSION? ≡

This will give you an opportunity to evaluate the full version of the app for FREE for a limited time.

After the beta, you can buy the full release version and keep the data created in this beta release.


Thanks and enjoy!

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