Trip Recorder




    Record, Map, Export & Email a Car Trip.

    * GPS must be enabled for Trip Routing, Recording Speed, distance etc.
    * An Existing Email account is required for Emailing Trip Route information.

    * Shows GPS preferences menu to enable GPS.
    * Show live Location updates with Time, Speed, accuracy etc.
    * Summary information for Saved Trips
    * Map any of the existing Trips with start and end points with route overlays.
    * Option to delete old Trips.
    * Backup database to SD Card.
    * Shows GPS Preferences on Applicatin exit so that you can turn GPS off to save battery.
    * Export trip to CSV format and email for future reference.

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    Version 1.05:
    * Added options to display in Metric units (Kilometers)
    * Option to Export trips in either CSV or KML formats
    * Preference screen
    * Option to use 24-hour time format
    * Option to print Tip description, Car details, category etc. in header rows for CSV email option.

    Version 1.07:
    * Added Default options for Car and Category
    * Added Reports Tab with filters for Cars and Categories

    Version 1.08:
    * Added Odometer reading.
    * Defaults the Odometer reading to the Last Saved Odometer + Trip Length

    V1.16 Changes:
    * Added a Informational Notification to Backup DB option where it notifies of the Backup File name on SD Card.
    * Changed Backup process to include current date and time also in file name, thus making various backup files unique.
    * Added a "Delete Trips" to the main menu. Now you can delete ALL trips Older than the selected date. Use with caution as this will get rid of your saved trips permanently. Always use Backup before deleting trips, just in case..

    * Fixed Location preferences interface (previously was going to Security settings)
    * Now "Send My Location" feature, can send you current location by Email or Text

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