Truck Stop - UK Motorway Info



Avoid Services:
Gps Map of alternative food and parking locations near motorways
Gps Map of all Motorway Fuel + services in ENGLAND
Realtime Traffic Reports
Realtime Weather reports

Instant Translator
Drivers first aid guidance.
UK transport Regulations + Road signs
The comprehensive mobile App if you are on the road in England
NB: Scotland/ Wales is not covered in this app.

Need to monitor traffic delays and weather in real time ?
Need to find somewhere to park and eat ?
Need to translate something in any European language?
Need to know the legislation for driving your truck or PSV in the UK ?
All this information at your fingertips !!

British and European truck drivers and all motorway travellers can find the nearest cafes and service stations.Using your phones internal GPS you can find the nearest place to park and eat.

European, commercial and domestic drivers and truckers can monitor roads realtime.

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