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It is a Dynamic GPS based auto-fare calculator made for India. This application helps in bringing fairness to Indian Auto rickshaw industry. This application enables the user to be in more control of his travel, check where exactly he is being driven to, checking the fare and the distance he/she is travelling. It acts as a guard against faulty meters and is an application so simple which anyone can use easily. An app as Indian as the auto rickshaw is.

This tiny application has won the title of Best Application in Indian Android Developer Contest 2011, which again makes it popular like its big-brother Tuk-Tuk Meter.

The features of TuTuk2 are:-

1) Identify faulty or tampered meters:-

TukTuk2 helps to find the exact distance travelled by the user since it calculates the distance
with the help of GPS satellites, which cannot be tampered or altered by the rickshaw
drivers as with the Mechanical rickshaw meters.

2) Determine the correct fare that is to be paid to the driver:-

Since the application calculates the exact distance travelled by the user, it can easily
calculate the fare that is to be paid to the driver with the help very simple mathematical
calculation. This again helps the user from getting cheated by the drivers and acts as a
reference to the usual mechanical meter.

3) Real-Time distance update with Global Positioning System

The distance of the journey are calculated with the help of GPS and gets updated real-time,
takes not a minute less or not a minute more to update.

4) Preloaded Rates for different metro cities

Rates of the different metro cities are preloaded in the application, so that the user does
not have to enter much of details into the application. This application becomes more user-
friendly by giving maximum required output with minimum required input.

5) Editable rates for multi-location usage

It is not necessary that user goes around just metro cities. If the user goes out of cities or
towns, the application can still be helpful, as the rates are editable.

6) Route Map of journey

Another way of getting cheated is when the driver takes wrong route. Just tap on the
route map and you can find what route the auto is travelling through. Can be more helpful to the
working women whose security is a major issue these days.

7) Intuitive path calculation algorithm to trace the journey route

The application has a better route calculating algorithm that calculates the distance with
more accuracy than the previous version, Tuk Tuk Meter.

8) Automatic selection of location

Once the application is launched, it can select the current user location with the help of GPS coordinates and set the fare rates for that city

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