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Tweri on Road is more than an speedometer in real time, with indicators of average speed, maximum speed and distance, HUD (Head Up Display) night view mode, and a exceeded speed limit sound and light alarm, … Tweri on Road is, above all, a mobility solution that provides peace of mind to your family or friends when you go out alone to make a route with the bike or the car.

This app can send your position to an indicated email any time by pressing a button, to tell your friends where you are when you're late, to warn your family of your position when you travel … Also this feature can be performed automatically at a fixed interval of time, so no need to press a button on the screen..

Also, in accidents it's very important to locate quickly all the cars involved, and much more in the case of motorcyclist. Some mountain roads have very dangerous curves and corners that can cause a vehicle to be hardly reachable in case of an exit of route. To carry out this localization quickly, Tweri On Road detects prolonged stops, and if these occur without disabling the application, it alerts the person established in the configuration, through email. In this email the last known position is shown with a link to a map for viewing.

The proposed solution has the ability to alert even when the phone runs out of data or GPS connection, or your battery is exhausted. This can be done with a server software, which provides mechanisms to alert when certain time has passed since the monitoring started and it wasn't received any notice of the position.

All these features for increasing security, are coated with a neat interface, which presents, as stated above: an speedometer in real time, average speed, maximum speed and distance counters, and an acoustic alarm to indicate that the speed established limit has been exceeded. The speedometer can also be viewed in HUD mode (Head Up Display): placing the phone on the dashboard of our car at night, the speed will be reflected on the windshield.

The application allows you to select the measurement units among kilometers, miles and knots.

Continued use of GPS in the background could significantly reduce the battery life.

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