Where Are You?



Where Are You?
This app lets you request the location of others by sending them a text message with a link. When the receiver clicks the link their location is send back to the sender and shown as a notification.

Works with all smart phones including Iphone. The receiver doesn't need to have the app installed.

Known bugs
Latest version of google maps has a bug which forces you to open the app twice before it actually shows the right location.
In other words the first time you receive a location response you have to click it twice!

Open Source
You can find the source code for this app at <https://github.com/snot/WhereAreYouApp>
The server side is open source as well but I'd like to clean it up a bit before publicly releasing. Which might never happen so if you want it feel free to send me a mail and you can have it.


Icon designed by Nicolas Alexander Zurita.

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