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ServiiDroid is an android version of the console for the media streaming server Serviio (

ServiiDroid allows you to manage and configure your Serviio server, directly from you android device. This is especially useful if you run Serviio on a NAS, home server, or desktop located in a different room to your TV as it lets you make quick changes without leaving your sofa.

If you like ServiiDroid and find it useful, please consider buying the donate key.

Please rate and review the App. If you have a problem with it/the app crashes contact me (see Support below) and I will do my best to sort it out.

ServiiDroid uses Serviio’s REST API but is not affiliated with Serviio in any way.

ServiiDroid uses the REST API but is not affiliated with in any way.

*Easy to setup - ServiiDroid can automatically find any Serviio server accessible on your home Wi-Fi network (but also supports 3G/4G/VPN connections by manually adding a server)
*Start and stop the DLNA server
*Force a refresh of your media library and online sources
*See the status of library refreshes
*Get notifications when Serviio adds new files
*Edit and add new shared folders and online sources
*Search for and add online sources from
*Reorder online sources
*Configure your device profiles
*Change visibility options for browsing categories
*Manage multiple servers - great for those who help beta test new versions
*Can notify you when an update to your Serviio server is available
*Access all console settings
*Upload a license file by clicking on the email link or the license file

== Support ==
Please don't post support requests in the comments as I cannot reply to them. Instead contact me via the ServiiDroid thread on the Serviio forums

Alternatively see You can also uses this link if you want to help translate ServiiDroid.

== Changelog ==
Please see for a full list of changes

==== 2.1.4 ====
*Added support for Serviio 1.4.1
*Updated translations

==== 2.1.3 ====
*Updated translations

==== 2.1.2 ====
*Added support for Serviio 1.4
*Fixed license upload button being hidden when connected to a non-Pro server
*Updated translations

==== 2.1.1 ====
*Added support for Serviio 1.3.1
*Updated translations
*Updated libraries

==== 2.1 ====
*Added initial support for Serviio 1.3
**Set access rules for new devices
**Set character encoding for subtitles
**Only show series in relevent categories
*Added option to set the bound IP address on Serviio 1.2+
*Added a note showing which server versions are supported
*Internal restructuring - you will need to re-add any homescreen shortcuts
*Fixed the number of new files being truncated when greater than 9999 (#67)
*Updated libraries

==== 2.0.3 ====
*Fixed license upload for Serviio 1.2
*Updated translations

==== 2.0.2 ===
*Fixed crash when online sources expiry interval is missing

==== 2.0.1 ====
*Fixed plugin thumbnail size on small phones

==== 2.0 ====
*Added support for Serviio 1.2
*Improved start up time by not loading settings related data until needed
*New ServiiDB intergration including the ability to browse content by plugin
*Improved how presentation data is displayed on large tablets in landsacpe
*Minor bug fixes and improvements
*Updated libraries
*Updated translations

==== 1.9.3 ====
*Fixed searching for servers when non-standard devices are present on the network
*Minor bug fixes
*Translation updates

==== 1.9.2 ====
*Fixed updating devices when the 'hide unrecognised devices' option is turned on

==== 1.9.1 ====
*Minor bug fixes
*Translation updates

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Recently changed in this version

==== 2.1.5 ====
*Added support for Serviio
*Ignore hotfix releases when performing API compatibility checks

Comments and ratings for ServiiDroid
  • (74 stars)

    by Epic Fail on 29/03/2014

    Just what I needed!

  • (74 stars)

    by Hitesh Gupta on 25/03/2014

    Have been using this app for a few months now.. excellent features and works perfectly

  • (74 stars)

    by Sport NorCal on 25/03/2014

    Just what I needed. Thank you. Works great for me.

  • (74 stars)

    by Tyron Hunter on 11/03/2014

    This is my go-to app for controlling my Serviio server. It anyways works, even when the desktop console won't connect

  • (74 stars)

    by Tony W on 22/02/2014

    Great work....excellent app

  • (74 stars)

    by David Friedlander on 07/02/2014

    any idea why this happens? all ports open, can connect but get the message that not all the data could be loaded

  • (74 stars)

    by Martin Slater on 23/01/2014

    And if you don't, why not?