Abdominal Migraines

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    Abdominal Migraines

    The headache is usually the worst and most painful part of a migraine, but there’s more. One of the most poorly understood and unusual types of migraines is something known as an abdominal migraine. This kind of headache disorder doesn't necessarily produce head pain but causes abdominal distress, nausea and vomiting. Abdominal migraine is a disorder primarily of children which presents with episodes of abdominal pain without an accompanying headache.

    This App is a comprehensive introduction on abdominal migraines.

    Contents of this App:

    ** Abdominal symptoms.

    ** Diagnosis.

    ** Abdominal migraines: Common in children.

    A migraine diary can help you keep track of your headaches and help your doctor make the most informed decision on treatments and next steps to be taken for you. This variant most typically occurs in children, and is common for them to had nausea and a “stomach ache” which is often relieved by a nap. They usually have a family history of migraine and go on to develop typical migraine later in their life.

    This App gives you the much needed information on abdominal migraines to make you aware of this kind of migraine.

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