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Lets you quickly send a message (SMS and/or email) to a selected list of contacts in case of emergency. The text will include the severity of the emergency (red or yellow), the date and time, your current location (nearest address, coordinates or custom) and an optional reason.

Current alarm states:
Red and Yellow, corresponding to more or less severe emergencies.

Green state, which acts as a clearance flag of the red and yellow states and is the default state.

In the next version the green state will also be used for manual check-ins, with the application sending an alarm automatically after a set period of no check-ins.

Note 1: sending emails is more cumbersome than SMS, because the email has to be sent through the device's email client. So SMS is recommended.

Note 2: determining the GPS location when sending a message will take a moment after the 'send alarm' screen has loaded. It will update automatically, but you can already send the message if the coarse location is ok.

Note 3: if the address of your location cannot be determined (e.g. because there is no internet connection), the raw coordinates will be used.

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