Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7


Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7's review


For people who don't have time to sit in a waiting room.

  • Doesn't Require Health Insurance
  • Short Wait Time
  • Not All Prescriptions
  • No Access to Medical History

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"Doctor on the Go"


Need to see a doctor but don't have the time or a way to get there? Use Amwell to see a live doctor right away - get a real time diagnosis and prescription to take care of the problem.


For people without health insurance, there is some money to be saved by going this route. It is also a lot easier for people who are away from home or who don't have time to stop. You can get some prescriptions and a pretty accurate diagnosis. The doctors are helpful and extremely nice. Wait times are shorter (much shorter than you'd find at a physical location."


Obviously, seeing someone over an app, especially someone who doesn't have access to your medical history or can really see your symptoms isn't going to be as good as going to your family doctor. This one won't be able to prescribe you many types of pills, and those prescription might not be covered by insurance.


by Noel

Dec 18, 2015

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